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Julie is a miracle worker! The pictures of the sewing room and craft/scrapebooking room on her Facebook page are mine. Yes, I'll own the mess, and I'll give all the credit to Julie for making it look so amazing. I was so overwhelmed, I didn't know where to start. Julie jumped right in and helped me decide what I should keep and of what I could let go. She's amazing! She's now moved to Phoenix and I know she'll work her miracles there but I sure do miss her!!
Jeannie V. - MO

“Julie helped me whittle down 50+ cartons, boxes, bags and scattered Christmas items collected over 40+ years. Major donations to organizations (and trash bins) were made and only true and loved "keepers" were stored along w/ a designated box of personal ornaments for each of two adult children - their gifts for next year! Now Christmas is sorted, labeled and conveniently accessible in garage taking up a mere fraction of its former space throughout the attic, basement and numerous closets! I can honestly look forward to Christmas 2016!”
Martha G. – MO

“After the end of a long term relationship, my home was filled with items that I no longer needed. Julie was able to assist me in reclaiming my space and making it my own!”
Robert D. - WA

“We hired Julie to organize our entire school! This was not an easy task but she did an amazing job. She put together ideas that we would have never thought to do. Our school has never looked or ran better! Thank you Julie!”
Lisa C.
Cascade School of Music Bend, OR
“Julie literally streamlined my garage, bedroom, office, and kitchen into the most organized spaces I've ever had, which has helped me function in a more productive manner. She thought outside the box. Her wonderful ideas were incorporated into each room based upon the input I had given her regarding the function I needed for that room (even though I'd gladly trust her opinions on organizing any space without my input!). She is gifted at this!”
Pat R. - OR